May 2023
Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W repair

The radio appeared dead. No display illumination or audio. No difference using the on-device buttons or the remote control buttons.

It does have the condition when power is removed a "pop" is heard from the speakers.

This is model AWR1-1W.  Research says to replace the device at location Q4. That part replaced - it works!

Bose Wave Radio
Model AWR1-1W

1) Four screws to open the chassis
2) Gentle pull to disconnect two cables from the top chassis at the circuit board
3) Four screws to remove the transformer
4) Gentle pull to disconnect two transformer leads at the circuit board
5) Remove the transformer from the chassis
6) Remove the circuit board from the chassis

This is what we have. The red circle is the Q4 location - bad part (top left in this photo), already removed.

Q4 location


Board number
D122297 187615-001