May 31, 2004
DISC Conference @ Colonial Williamsburg

DISC is the Diocesan Information Systems Conference. A group of tech heads who work for the Catholic Church. Most of the group activity takes place via the Internet while there is a once a year physical gathering - with vendors and speakers.

This will be my first - and perhaps my only - year to attend. George, who has been to others, will join me in representing the Rockford Diocese.

Monday, May 31, 2004
Rockford IL to Williamsbug VA

United Airlines flight 8057 - sitting in a long line awaiting departure from O'Hare Airport.

The rain isn't intense - but the lightening is. A dry spot caused by the wing - we've been sitting for a while.

We're not the only line

The big cloud over there is the reason for the delay. Looks nice from up here - not so nice from below.

Over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

A nuke plant somewhere.

The midwest grid system of farm fields has changed over to rolling hills covered with trees.

This first evening is before the conference fully starts. George is still on the way. I found some scenic road - I think it is the Colonial National Historical Parkway.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004
Conference Day

A separate senic jaunt after a day of listening to seminars and speaking with vendors. While it was a productive day, change was also good.

Yorktown Victory Monument

Info sign
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Panorama from the monument
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Wednesday, June 2, 2004
Conference Day

This evening trek would be a squeeze. Both George and I had seminars we wanted to catch but we also wanted to visit the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. This engineering marvel is a 20 mile long roadway using a combination of bridges - high and low - along with below water tunnels.

There is a large military presence in the area.

A ship crossing over one of the tunnel sections. The rocks in the foreground is the tunnel dropping below grade. The "island" beyond the ship is where the road changes back from being in a tunnel to being on a bridge.

Info sign
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A larger, military ship coming in. In the faint fop left is a commercial cargo ship heading out - to head over the other tunnel location.

There's the larger commercial ship - it has already crossed over the tunnel and is heading out to sea.

While most of the roadway is low to the water, with two tunnels for ships to pass over, this northern end had one section built high for ships to travel underneath.

At the northern end of the Bridge-Tunnel. Our turnaround point.

A low light / blurry photo - George and I were amazed at how close the top of the semi comes to the roof of the tunnel.

Thursday, June 3, 2004
Conference Day & Colonial Williamsburg tour

the Band
MPG, 5.6 MB, 41 sec

This evening was a treat. We were educated, entertained - and fed. We were a part of history - more than any history book ever made me feel. Saying like this were common for the evening: "In that room - over in the corner - is where the founding fathers discussed issues for the new nation..." To feel, be, a part in the initial shaping of our government - fantastic.

Saturday, June 5, 2003
Return to home

Drive from Williamsburg VA to Richmond VA, airplane from Richmond to Chicago-O'Hare, drive from O'Hare to Rockford.

A calm ocean of cloud tops

One area had some wavey undulations.

Looking down onto a Southwest Airlines plane - most likely heading for Midway Airport

Midway Airport