Monday, September 7, 2020
Colorado Forest Fires

There are four signfiicant forest fires active today (for the past month). The Cameron Peak fire is the closest with the Williams Fork next closest.

Smoke, over town, is heavy today. Cars are using their headlights, I have lamps on in the office (Noon), some parking lot lights have turned on. Last evening I had the car out (drove to Cheyenne) so the highway speeds had cleared most of the prior ash from the car. Today, the ash amount is significant. In several pictures, where you see black dots - that's ash that is large enough to be visible.

Red clouds with ash

Camera was set to "automatic" settings, no flash. Red-Orange cloud above in the Noon sun. To the north - just above the trees - is blue sky.

Ash on the car - 9:30pm last night to Noon today.

Dark cloud to the southwest with a red tinge (sunlight making it through) above the treetops.