February 2019
Dryer cleaning & lubrication

The dryer started to make a squeak. I thought it might be an idler bearing looking for lubrication - so apart it comes so that it could be, at least, inspected for parts-to-replace or to clean and lubricate. For now, it stays at clean-and-lubricate with a possible wear surface to replace.

Make/ Model

Document wiring connections for items that might be disconnected (front face removal).

"before cleaning" photos.

In the center of the heating element shield is the plastic support for the rear of the drum. The plastic part is still in good condition though it could use fresh grease.

I don't have many "after cleaning" photos and none of the heating element shield after. The dark material at the bottom is gone / clean. Attention to not disturb the heating element.

Surprisingly, there are few bearings that might need lubration. The primary item is the rear drum support and the white tensioner pulley & shaft (near the motor). Motor bearings - I don't recall if they were sealed ball bearing or oilable sleeve bearings. If they could have been lubricated, I did as I did remove the motor and separate the fan from it - for cleaning.

At the back of the drum is a "chrome ball" that supports the rear of the drum. This ball rides in a plastic holder. The holder is lubridated with high temp grease. I used Napa SIL-Glide high temp automotive grease.

With the dust inside of the dryer and all about outside the dryer it seems the exhaust hose was partially disconnected.

Dryer out of the way - let's clean around the washer too.

Now for some "after cleaning" photos
(of which I wish I would have taken more of the nicely cleaned dryer)

The rear drum support (for the chrome ball) - filled with fresh grease.

Belt routing
(the belt looked to be in good condition)

Looking better!

Front drum support wear / glide surfaces - serviceable but replacement is on the horizon - left pad wearing through.



Left showing wear through the pad.

As they were...

Connected (and clean)


Next opening should be for the forward / front wear pad strip for the drum.

The dryer was easy to service - a surprise.