October 28 & 29, 2009
Early, before halloween, snowfall!!

The snow started falling yesterday about 8pm. This photo is from today at 2pm.

"the chair" @ 6:30pm

Updates for Thursday the 29th

Where are Rollinsville, Fort Collins, and Highlands Ranch?

Do note that Rollinsville is a mountain town. It's up at 8474 feet (which often means more snow than cities down from the mountains)

The Chair - Thursday morning

Driving about town

Pulling into City Park

Many trees have yet to shed their leaves - adding surface area to catch more snow

Which is causing more branches to give-way

Find a hill and bring a sled...

...or put on some cross country ski's

Back to the park across the street

Snowboards & Sleds
WMV, 28 seconds, 2.7MB

Looking out from the garage towards the foothills

Plowing snow with the Honda
The underside of the car clearing the top

View out the garage on a clear day (Friday)

On the way to a client's location...

Heading North into Fort Collins
The clouds are starting to break up with some touches of sun to spotlight the snow

(larger size)

The Chair Friday evening