International Harvestor
Cub Cadet Model 71 lawn tractor

42" cutting deck - Purchased in burned condition for $100 in cash & 25 hours labor mid-summer 1980 (May? 1980).  Fixed in about 1.5 weeks.  Approx $800 borrowed to repair.  Original engine - 7HP - rebuilt and later had a lower rod bearing seizure on an uphill mowing job (internal governor gear was plastic which melted and was not operational allowing the engine to over-rev).  8HP short block installed (largest size available allowing re-use of parts).




This picture shows the fuel strainer bowl - the U-shaped remains of it - sitting atop the coil.  The glass of the bowl either cracked or became loose allowing fuel to drip onto the hot coil.  The fire was hot enough to melt the fuel cap fitting from the top of the fuel tank.



Tractor For Sale Pictures - Summer 1986
Tractor with leaf-vac setup


Nice, compact dual use trailer



  One of two Yazoo's. This was one purchased from the Rockford Park District and shown here is sporting the 'cab' and air conditioner. I'm trying to see if other pictures of this project exist.

Pictures of the second Yazoo - purchased from Holy Family
60" cutting swath, 3 blade deck, 12/12.5HP Wisconsin single cylinder engine.