Saturday, March 16, 2024
Kitchen counter LED's - version 2

LED    : 3000K Warm White, 12v DC, 320LED's / Meter
Power  : PE705A, 12v DC, 50 watt, dimmable power supply
Dimmer : Leviton tabletop dimmer, TBL03-10E

Version 1 LED's here (installed July 2017). The right side LED's started to malfunction about six months ago. The left side LED's (different type) kept working, but with some bad LED's. I'm curious to see the longevity of the current LED's. Family recommended installing the dimmable style. It does give a nice change - full dim is typical with full bright to read recipes.

Soldering wiring to the LED strips.

New LED's running to the right of the stove, full power/brightness.

Left side with the old lights - several have stopped working.

The old style has about 50 LED's per meter. The new style is 320 per meter.

Installation complete

The corners were a bit dark with the original setup so this setup I extended a strip into the corner. Near the on/off switch is a dimmer.


With the camera on "auto" there is some compensation happening (look at the clock on the stove).