Bridges I've traveled

Princeton's Covered Wooden Bridge

County Road 8 over the decomissioned Hennepin Canal, south of Wyanet IL

Even old wooden bridges - still standing!

Ken near US Route 52 over the Mississippi River at Savanna IL

US Route 20 over the Mississippi River at Dubuque IA

White Pines State Park - anti-bridge

US Route 41 over the Portage River at Houghton / Hancock MI

Upper deck for auto traffic, lower deck originally for train traffic, now for snowmobiles

Interstate 90's floating bridge near Seattle WA

Washington State Route 104's Hood Canal Floating Bridge

Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Tacoma WA.
The bridge that fell apart (this is the replacement)

Oregon is known for their bridges!

The crazy long US Route 101 over the Columbia River between the states of Oregon and Washington
Northern end...

...Southern end

A lift bridge a few miles south of the Columbia River bridge

Many Oregon bridges sported a gothic style

Temporary bridge

California has a few...

Route US 1 south of Monterey CA

Sabine TX

The 24 mile long Lake Pontchartrain Causeway north of New Orleans LA

Interstate 275 south of St. Petersburg FL

Interstate 10 in Mississippi?
A long and low bridge to cross the wetlands.

Interstate 10 in Alabama?

Now for the eastern side of the U.S.

The bridges to Key West Florida
Each isn't too noteworthy but combined they are something.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

Not a bridge, but cool & old technical... Fenelon / 4th Street Elevator, Dubuque IA (still in operation)

Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Pedestrian bridge

At night during the fireworks festival

Penghu Islands, Taiwan
Penghu Great Bridge

Bridge entrance

Bridge over the river Kwai

I didn't realize it at first, but in reading the Wikipedia page on the Pontchartrain Causeway it said that the elevated tollway in Bangkok is considered by some to be the longest bridge in the world, with the Pontchartrain Causeway coming in second.

Here's a pic of the underside of the Bangkok Elevated Tollway, Bang Na Expressway

One bridge I was anticipating to find but did not - the railroad swing bridge over the Mississippi River at Sabula IA

Bridge substitutes...

Seattle, WA

Galveston, TX

Kaohsiung Taiwan