Ultralighting - flying lawn chairs
Hanger pictures Updated July 2003
Freeport ultralights Some of the ultralight planes at Albertus Field, Freeport Illinois.  Updated 06 2004

2011-09-18 First flight in Colorado
Rail spur construction, sunset flight, hanger photos
2007-06-17 B-17 at Centennial Airport with Jeff
2007-05-10 First UL flight of the year
2006-10-07 Ultralight flying with Mike near Sugar Grove, IL.
2006-09-06 "Almost to Stockton, IL" A long flight - 1.5 hours, 47 miles. Some nice "green" pictures.
2006-08-09 20 Dollar Clouds. AKA double cloud layers at sunset.
2006-04-19 Up with the clouds. Stray not farther than two miles away from the airport - but I did head UP a mile...
2005-06-18 Low Flying - Crops are still short, land is green, camera in hand...
2005-03-13 Lunch Run - Angie invited me to join a group of seven planes for a lunch run to Prarie Du Chein WI
2004-05-29 Out landing - Head out with a trailer to pick up my hanger mate's ailing machine
2004-05-24 Donn's Engine - Donn is looking at putting this Honda motor on his Pelican
2003 Fall Evening Flight Video - 97 MB in size - 7 min 42 sec.
2003-10-05 Fuel starvation issue - It's resolved - no more hicups at take off
2003-08-10 Fly to Wisconsin - just barely
2003-08-03 Lena IL - Winds from the Northwest - Sunday morning - headed Northwest to Lena IL
2003-07-19 Winnebago - Fly closer to Winnebago
2003-07-12 More pictures - Some pictures on the clear evening and a complied video of reasonable quality.
2003-07-02 First pictures - I finally carried my camera with me to take some pictures when I'm in the air
2003-06-13 Nice evening - Longer duration flight to benchmark fuel burn rate & to fly to some folks I know
2003-05-18 Aircraft Accident - A general aviation plane didn't quite make it to the runway
2003-05-09 Sabre trike pictures - Stormy took some pictures of me flying
2003-04-13 First flight of the season
2003-04-13 Setup - Pictures as the trike is assembled.  Normal setup time about 45 minutes, one person.
2002-10-12 Sabre trike trailer - How the trike packs up for trailering.
2002-09-04 Flight - After two years the trike is ready to fly again.  It was like old times.  The subtleties were there.  A nice evening....  quite enjoyable!
2002-07-12 Muffler Project - Revision 2 bracket
2002 Sabre Muffler Project - Finding / changing the muffler on the trike
1999 Sabre trike - Pictures of the trike I purchased - and some others that are almost like mine.