August 10, 2008
A 30 minute ultralight flight from the Charles City Iowa airport

The ultralight is on its way, trailering, from Illinois to Colorado. I sold the extra fuel tank that was on the motorcycle to a gent in Charles City Iowa. As I'd be passing nearby I said I'd deliver it vs. ship it. While passing through, I made a stop at the local airport for a short 30 minute flight over some new scenery.

GPS ground speed for the flight.

I'll take a few pictures before I set up - better sun. I'll be nearing sunset / dark by the time I'm packed.

An out of the way spot to set up.

A nice looking airport.

A local "sand and gravel" pit.

From the GPS, it is showing a ground speed about 47MPH. The air speed indicator (the vertical tube with the red disc) shows about 32MPH so we have a 15MPH tailwind.

GPS elevation 2167 feet above sea level.
The airport lists an elevation of 1125 feet so we're just over a thousand feet above ground (1042')

Nice green farm fields.

The airport is easily visible near the top center of the photo.

Some wind turbines poking up near the horizon.