Sunday, June 17, 2007

The "Aluminum Overcast" B-17 was visiting the Centennial Airport (Centennial Colorado). Jeff and I went to do a walk-through tour and take some photos. Through a mix-up in ticketing and the time available we weren't able to tour the inside - but we did spend a bit of time walking around it as well as watching it fire up, taxi out, take off, and land. They did two rides lasting about 20 minutes each and I think about ten passengers each.

The video is large and long. I didn't cut much out as it's a rare machine. On the second of the two flights I was standing at the corner marker and the pilot took the corner tight. While still trying to keep the camera aimed I started to duck down a bit as the wing passed over my head.

Aluminum Overcast
WMV, 37 MB, 6 min 10 sec

Additional information on this plane can be found at


"Cyclone 9" engines
Wright Aeronautical Corp

The belly gunners roost.

Off for the first of two flights.

Some other, interesting, planes were about as well - outside and inside the Signature Flight Services hanger.