October 7, 2006 - Saturday
Trailer into Mike's area, set up, enjoy some nice flying!

We've been saying for some time (3 years?) that I should trailer out for us to do some flying together. Today's the day.

Just about ready to go

Mike's up. Ready to take off.

Shot of the runways.

Golf course to be?

Someone's having a party

The gravel pits / quarry near I-88 and Route 47

Many birds up flying

At this house there's a caboose tucked over by the pond

The new Metra station, "La Fox"

An outdoor gathering.

A remote control airplane field

The youth correctional facility on Route 38

End of the flight

Now to park mine and take a jump flight in Mikes for a touch-n-go at Sugar Grove's airport.

Here's a video of the take-off...

7.7 MB, 41 sec, WMV

Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove campus

Sugar Grove airport

Heading back