August 10, 2003
Testing the limits: Wisconsin is within reach.

The wind's blowing lightly from the North. So by my standard, if I want to "go somewhere", I'll fly into the wind until 1/2 tank and then turn around. I didn't know how far I'd make it - but that yellow dashed line on the map is the Illinois-Wisconsin state line.

Some stats
1050 F exhaust temp, 300 F cylinder head temp, 4800 RPM, 28.7 MPH (ground speed) - air speed is probably about 35 MPH, 2180 Feet above sea level (ground is about 950 to 1000 feet above sea level), it's 10:01 AM. The motor has 41 something hours on it.

[As I compose this write-up, July 4, 2007, the hour meter has something like 110 hours]

Looks like a nice enough day!

Waving "Hi" to Larry

Contour planting.

Spots where the planter did its job and spots where it didn't.

Near Freeport - just north of the rail yard. Old railroad bridge over the Pecatonica River.

Rail yard at Freeport IL

#1 - turn table, #2 decomissioned [the tracks have been removed] engine repair house with repair pits to the left of it.