September 18, 2011
First Flight in Colorado

2:51pm, setup at Yankee Field.
Anheuser-Busch brewery in the background.

3:11pm - wing is mostly ready

3:29pm - Wing's ready for attachment to the carriage.

Wind sock's not doing much - slight breeze from the South.

Anheuser-Busch brewery.

112.8 hours on the engine's timeclock. Warming up the motor.

3:47pm - engine warm-up.
Approx 5100 ft elevation.

4:01pm - first photo from the air.

Yahnkee Field - 18/36 - 2700' x 55' grass field.

Looking west across I-25 with fields and mountains beyond. North (Cheyenne) is to the right with South (Denver) to the left.

Southwest over the nursery & golf course (to which I'm told - stay away from them), the brewery and Fort Collins.

Corn maze

Operational temps & stats
325 & 375F Cylinder Head Temps (front / rear cyl)
980 & 1020F Exhaust Gas Temps
51.1MPH (ground speed)
Air speed, not listed, is about 35-40MPH so I'm in a 10-15MPH wind
I'm traveling northeast.
6065 Ft above Mean Sea Level (runway is at 5077 Ft)

Water tanks.

Reservoirs are more common though the summertime green of the Midwest is less common.

Hmmm - a hitchhiker, likely from takeoff.

Power lines from from the Rawhide coal burning power plant north of town.

A more common sight in the area - drilling rigs for "energy extraction". No idea if this is involved in the controversial "fracking" process. It's unlikely to be involved in Uranium mining as I think those proposals were turned down.

Anheuser-Busch has several fields in the area.

Years back, before moving to the area, I went up as a passenger in an acrobatic glider ride. One item I learned from the pilot was how to tell the wind direction. His answer was to look at a reservoir and note where the water is calm and where it's rough. The calm area is where the wind is coming from.

5:19pm - Disassembly to begin



5:57pm - Wing disassembled and packed for transport

5:57pm - Carriage ready to place onto the trailer.

6:04pm - Loaded onto the trailer
Close to ready to leave - it needs to be strapped to the trailer.

A registered ultralight class craft sitting in the weeds.