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A Garmin GPS III Plus tags along with me on many of my trips.  Once the trip is over I transfer the track log to the PC via WayPoint+. DeLorme's StreetAtlas v5 is then employed to overlay the track onto a map.

The downloadable track files (zip files) contain text data files which may be opened in WayPoint+, StreetAtlas v5 maps maps and GIF pictures (that you see below).  If you have WayPoint+ or StreetAtlas you can open the data files and have a zoomable track to view.

For pictures on how the GPS is setup for snowmobiling use - here it is.

Note:  The track logs listed here are for short, day trips - often where no camera has been along.  If a camera had been used a separate trip web page with track log information is created.

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