Download 2003 track data (text data points, StreetAtlas v7 maps) 284KB - zipped

May 16 (mowing the lawn)

May 8 (Ultralight)

August 2 (Ultralight)

May 3 (Ultralight)
Just a quick evening flight north of the airport.

May 6 (Ultralight)

Overview map

NorthEast section close-up

Bare track

A nice smooth evening flight.  Took a trip around Forreston.

June 29

Head West into the wind until I hit about 1/2 tank.

1:49 minutes, 4800 RPM, 3.75 Gal consumed
Red line out, blue line back.

I was close to the Mississippi River and could see it off to my left perhaps 10 miles.

July 13 - Cycle
Ride to Ken's