Sunday, May 15, 2016
Hopper cars derail near Timnath Colorado

A curious derailment. This happened on Sunday.

The day before (Saturday) I was traveling into town via Harmony Road - the crossing just north of this derailment. I saw a train heading southeast so I decided to follow it. Sitting in the car near a crossing close to this derailment, I watched the train slowly moving (perhaps 10 to 15 MPH) as the cars waggled back and forth on the poor condition track. I followed that train to east of Windsor where it stopped.

Hearing the news of a derailment, and the location, I could understand the issue. I stopped out for a few photos...

GPS coordinates of the location if you wish to look up the spot:
40.511094, -104.954007
4030'39.9"N 10457'14.4"W

Sliding one car out of the area - it might be full (sand?)

The tail end of the train.

The engine / direction of travel was from right to left in the photos. The engines and good cars have been pulled away. One car, just before the upset cars, remains.

Trucks and Wheels set aside.

While I was there, crews were pulling this car away from the scene. Three side boom tractors were using their winches, one tractor was hooked to the car, lifting the forward edge, with one dozer pushing.

The three winch tractors (left) would back up, winch, backup again, winch...