Durango & Silverton trip #1
September 12, 1997

The plan is to drive from Rockford at about 8pm on a Friday and get to O'Hare airport. From there I'll take a 10:10pm flight to Denver Colorado. Somewhere about midnight I'll hop into a rental car and drive through the night to Durango and catch the morning steam train. After the steam train I'll head towards the Rocky Mountain National Park, overnighting at Gunnison CO, to meet up with family for a day. At the end of the day I'll head back to Denver and fly back to Illinois - arriving back at home about 1:30 am Monday night / Tuesday morning. Three days, 1100 miles in a car, 100 miles on a train, 1800 miles on a plane. A whirlwhind trip, little sleep, grand views - certainly worth it.

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Date Destination Notable Items
Sept 12 CO, Durango
Durango & Silverton steam train
Sept 13 CO, Estes Park Rocky Mountain National Park