January 26, 2007

The light-n-lively SRV is, sadly, going up on eBay.

Its condition is "non-running" due to bad crank bearings and a missing track wheel.

If I were staying in the Midwest I'd replace the track wheel and PTO crank bearings and continue to ride it. I enjoy this sled and have put parts into it to keep it maintained and current.

But, I'm moving to Colorado, so I don't think I'll move this fun midwestern trail sled with me to the mountains.

I've owned this sled for several years (around 2000). It was purchased from a buddy who owned it from new. It's always been stored inside (both owners) - it's clean and mainly free of rust and UV damage. It also spent much of its life being trailered in a salt free, enclosed trailer.

In the time I've owned it I kept up on the maintenance - so you get an unusually clean and current Yamaha SRV 540!

Date Description Memo Amount
1/23/2003 Manufacturer's Supply HotGrips 38.99
1/23/2003 Manufacturer's Supply Comet clutch rebuild parts 108.54
12/28/2003 Hoses replaced (fuel, pulse, fuel site)
1/4/2004 Mileage Start of season - 6823 miles
1/29/2004 Manufacturer's Supply Track skid slides - one set 20.78
1/29/2004 Manufacturer's Supply New metal ski's - one set 113.90
1/29/2004 Manufacturer's Supply 6" Carbide runners - two sets 97.97
2/5/2004 Hammer Time Sports One ski bumper (the rubber block on the ski) 12.39
5/24/2004 Hammer Time Sports Track wheels, ski nuts and bolts, ski shim kit 564.83
8/21/2004 Hammer Time Sports Something - remaining parts perhaps - bearings 36.01
1/10/2005 Hammer Time Sports Remaining rear suspension wheels, bearings 103.58
1/14/2005 Hammer Time Sports Track skid slides - one set 21.24
2/3/2005 Mileage Last time it ran - 7516 miles
TOTAL $ 1118.23

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Rear trunk

Tool kit

7516 Miles

On the last trip the motor 'ticked' and stopped (PTO bearing failure - no bent rods or other damage).

Not more than an hour or two earlier a rear track wheel fell off. Not a good day for me. The wheel issue was 100% my fault - I didn't replace the worn NyLoc nut that keeps the wheel on (nor did I put a cotter pin through the hole - just asking for trouble).

Dash accessories

Hot Grips heated grips (dual temp)
Purchased & installed Jan 2003
No thumbwarmer - but one could be added

The track suspension / sled was removed about Sept of 2004.
All of the wheels and bearings were replaced with new OEM Yamaha wheels and bearings.
Any greasable pivoting component was lubricated with Mobile 1 synthetic grease (red).

Track / sled showing the missing track wheel, spacer, nut, cotter pin.

Comet 108-C clutch
A repair / maintenance kit was installed in January of 2003.
The sled last ran on Feb 2005

Kimpex Vantage track


Holes in the cover near the right hand hold

Small tear in the seat.
The seat is soft and supple - not hard nor cracking since the sled was stored inside and did not get sun/UV damaged.

Small, repaired, hood crack (upper circle).
Small, repaired, foot bar crack (lower circle).

Small, unrepaired hood crack.

Included Items

An extra track
(given to me by the original owner - it is not known if this track will fit this SRV)

Box of goodies
Belts, TSS shock, two new in package carbide skegs, unknown other things
(possibly the old track wheels & bearings. I think the original clutch too.)
(red tie-down not included)

Looks like four, new, black track slides