Day 3 - sled repair & some leiserly riding

Jim was jinxed with machinery on this trip.  Day 1, fortunately near the end of the day, saw the tip of one of the ski's break off.  Day 2, while riding a spare sled Luke brought along (Sue's sled), the clutch broke.  The morning of Day 3 saw us working to repair the clutch on Sue's sled only to resolve it was not field fixable.  Evert's Arctic Cat kindly called around to find a bone yard that might have a used ski.  One was found up at Keweenaw Motor Sports.  Back on Jim's SRV for the 15 mile ride North to Calument to replace the ski.  Once three ridable sleds were had - off to some riding.

Do ya think there's enough snow?


A single track trail to "Dreamland"  Dreamland is a restaurant / bar / hotel off in the trees - quite nice.


Ken and Jim coming across a field







Jim with the SRV




The ski hill across the canal from Houghton




The bridge at night