Day 2

Head from Houghton South-West towards Ontanagon.  Ontanagon East towards Rockland, Bruce Crossing, Sidnaw.  North back to Twin Lakes and Houghton.

The snow just mounds up on everything!




Jim taking a series of pictures for a 360 view.  This is a logging road trail.


The compiled 360 view.  Luke waving.



Luke & Ken


"Race ya"  Luke on the left looking down at the wheelie Jim pulled while riding Ken's rental.  Yes, Luke won in the top end (700cc's in a triple carb, triple cyl, single pipe vs 550cc's in a twin carb, twin cyl, single pipe) - but Jim had more fun wheeleing.


Jim on Sue's Arctic Cat.


Jim catching some air - they have really big bumps on the trails up there.


Luke - Mr. Rocket Man


Coming back to our sleds at Ontanagon we never noticed the completely snow covered rail road track right next to where the sleds were parked.  After starting to leave we noticed this train plow heading towards us (at walking speed).  This was a dead end railroad track in the middle of town.





Power line trail run.  Down the hill is Ken - the black dot just to the left of the power pole.




Near Rockland, MI