Day 1

Looking out the hotel window.  The other side of the canal is Hancock Michigan.


The bridge.  The top deck is for car traffic - two lanes each way.  The bottom deck used to be for railroad traffic.  The rails are removed and it is now used for snowmobile traffic.  Note the curving, blue hand rails coming into the forground.


One of the mines up on the hill across the canal.


Ken and Jim


The Downtowner Motel - canal / water side.  Ken in red coat / black helmet.  Jim in black with red helmet.  Luke has black coat & helmet.


One of the trails.  This is an average width trail.  Some are two lane logging road.  Others are old rail road beds.  Day 3 saw some single track wide trails - an oddity.  Jim standing thigh high in snow.


Lake Superior - Eastern side of the Keweenaw Pen near Lac La Belle.


Ken making dust.


Snow, Snow, Snow - what winter should be


Jim on look out hill near Copper Harbor or Eagle Harbor.  The background is a large valley filled with trees.


Looking down into the valley.


Lake Superior - looking Wesward




End of the day back at the hotel.  Jim's left ski broke.  About 10 inches snapped off due to age, fatigue, years of bumpy trails.  The sled was ridable without the tip - but with some caution.