Saturday, September 15, 2007
Dinosaur National Monument

Northwest Colorado has been rolling around my brain for a bit. It's one location that I've yet to visit. There is little in the area for population though there is one park - Dinosaur National Monument. Mid day on Saturday I headed out of Fort Collins with the plan to see how far I'd get. The day was rather nice for late summer / fall and I enjoyed the scenery.

The first photo - Colorado State Route 14 South East of Walden CO

Looking east towards the mountains we came through.

Thirteen miles southwest from Walden CO I pulled onto a side road (CR 24) and stopped for a snack, some water, and, as always, more photos. Looking at the map, the spot is about 1 mile north of the old Coalmont CO town / settlement. While I was taking the break at what would be considered the "back driveway" to the ranch I'd wave to the pickups passing by - each had a friendly wave back.

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Looking west from my "rest stop"

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About 21 miles from my rest stop CO-14 joins up with US-40 and we're presented with this geologic tidbit at Muddy Pass.

US-40 heading West.

Wide open, few trees.

There was one field, bathed in golden sunlight, filled with horses and cattle. One quick U-turn on the empty highway...

Soon the sun would dip below the cloud line and shortly we'd be wrapping up the trip to Dinosaur CO in the dark.

Lots of this - very few vehicles.

The bike looks good (so far)

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