Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Tag along with Colleen, Chris, Trina & Robert!

Colleen and Chris were planning a dirt roads ride. Robert and Trina were going along. I had no plans and figured - why not!

Dirt Riding
MPG, 5.5 MB, 1 min 18 sec

Charles? starting off the day and deciding what to do / where to go.

Sheriff Colleen [Dantes Dame] and Chris [Req] at Lynn's Wild West Dakotamart

The group assembled at the grocery store - ready to leave.
"One of these bikes is not like the others..."

Photo courtesy Chris [Req]

It didn't take long to find dirt...

No cars, RV's, billboards...
Grass, cattle, horses, trees, hills, pleasing views !

Which is the road less traveled - the right looks to be !!

The first of many cattle grates for the day
(and I recall one in the middle of a corner on a quicker, asphalt road)

That big black thing kept eyeing us.

Group shot
Chris, Colleen, Robert, Trina, me
Trina's easy to spot - mostly grey. Chris, somewhat - mixed grey / black. Good luck keeping the rest of us straight.

Rolling by the big black beast moved away from the roadway - thankfully.

Smile for the camera!

Another "which is better" set of shots.

Grey ahead - that's Trina

This could be a Northern Wisconsin / U.P. Michigan shot

Bear Mountain Lookout tower - and it is staffed. Apartment for one.

Colleen & Chris.
No photo of the apartment in the glass center - didn't seem right to take a pic of the lookout's home.

And a reverse shot
(photo compliments of Chris)

Click for a larger size

There was a forest fire in the area some time back.

Tower work - the black bulge is a guy working.

Burned trees on the ridge.

On a slow(er) moving gravel road I'm not sure a "twisties ahead" sign is really needed.

The valley started to get interesting - narrower with exposed rocks.

Nice location for a house

Three of the group dotting the twisty gravel - Colleen has spead ahead and it out of the pic. The "black dots" in the sky are dual rotor Chinook military helicopters.

We would find more military operations / camps later. At one point we went past a "slow down now - military checkpoint sign" - and while there was no checkpoint in the roadway for us there was at the side of the road - along with a member atop a vehicle pointing a machine gun (probably not loaded???) at us "unknowns" practicing, I assume, friend or foe decisions. Would have been a good photo to get!





Lunch at Deadwood SD (tourist town wanting visitors to crack the wallet and leave some green behind)

Colleen was leading the ride. She had missed a turn off and we backtracked for "this little road". Her logic was - it was along a river / stream so it should be good. It was. Certainly worth the backtrack!




The little canyon road with requisite stream
Just east of Rochford SD

Old rail line - turned into a bike / hike trail, the George S. Mickelson Trail

More military. We even had a humvee convoy behind us - and they were making good time coming up the gravel twisties

Military camp

You can't easily make out the coils of razor wire at the perimiter - but it's there.

The same old rail bed twisting off into the lush, green trees.

Not often do I get photos of me.

Photo courtesy Chris [Req]

Photo courtesy Chris [Req]

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