If you like maps - enjoy! All of these items are based off of the track log data from the GPS. I typically had it set to 0.25 mile increments - so over 23,500 miles (x 0.25) you get a handful of points to play with. The original track log data is here for download along with modified versions. In addtion to the raw data there are various interactive map files available - Google Earth, Google Maps, DeLorme's Street Atlas v7, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2005. Several of the formats (Google Earth/Maps, PNG images) were created using the GPS Visualizer service. Adam, the creator, was also happy to assist with any questions I had - Thanks!

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Google Earth

Perhaps the nicest, most interesting map format to use.
With an active Internet connection, the program running, and the data file loaded you can fly around the globe - zooming in and out as you wish.  If you've never tried it - give it a whirl - good fun.

It does requrire the Google Earth program to be installed onto your system (Google Earth site). If you wish to get a taste for what it offers but don't wish to install anything - look below for the Google Maps item.

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Street Atlas

The SA v7 data file allows you to readily zoom in/out along the route. The route is multi-colored with each color representing one day of riding. Additional notes for some of the major sights.

You will need a program on your system capable to open this data file. If you have a current SA version, look below for a raw data file to import as a track.

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Unzipped, the resulting file is 13 MB. The data is a set of "push pins" depicting the route traveled. No notes added. Due to the quantity of track log points imported (the full set) it does not correctly represent the track in all zoom levels (at least for me) - though is certainly good enough to work with.

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Google Maps

Adventurous: try this large one

Somewhat the same as Google Earth but you shouldn't need to install anything. You can zoom in/out and pan. I have two map options - one with a "suggested" amount of data points and one with a "maximum" number of data points. The larger sizes might take a couple minutes to load - try the smaller one first.

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Single color line graphic. Latitude / Longitude gridlines.

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WayPoint+ Plot

A multi-colored plot graphic of the track on a white background. Each color is a day of riding.

Source data
WayPoint+ format

Each track is separated from the next with the repeating header and a "1" in the far right column.

Some of the days had invalid date and time stamps. I've changed the invalid dates to valid dates but the invalid times are left as-is. It's apparent as to which days were invalid as the times entries for a particular day are the same.

Source data, reduced
Lat-Lon with track separations
ASCII text (0.7 MB, zip)

Basic Latitude - Longitude, comma separated, one entry per line. One heading before each track.

Source data, reduced
Lat-Lon - bare

Basic coordinates, comma separated, one entry per line.

As noted above, if you have a more current version of Street Atlas (2005 perhaps) - you can import this bare Lat-Lon file as a track.