US & Canada Trip
How and Why

What'll be covered:  Weather permitting my plan is to leave Rockford Illinois, head West to Dubuque, IA and the Mississippi River, follow the river up to the headwaters, head up through Canada, see the Banff and the Lake Louise areas, head up into Alaska with hopes of traveling up to Prudhoe Bay / Deadhorse (weather permitting - it's late in the season).  I'll spend some time riding about Alaska - Fairbanks, Anchorage, Kenai.  Perhaps a Denali flightseeing trip and a short glacier cruise.  I'll then head down to Seattle and west to the Olympic National Park.  From here the general plan is to follow the coast down to San Diego with a probable visit to some of the parks along the eastern coast of California - Yosemite for one, then over to Key West Florida, then - again weather permitting (cold) - up to Acadia National in Maine - and back home to Illinois.  

Along the way I hope to stop and visit friends and perhaps meet a few ST.n'ersas well as meet a bunch of nice folks along the way.  ST.n'ers - if you think I'd be passing near you - give a call to my mobile number (815-874-8448) and leave a message of where you are and how to contact you.  I'd appreciate meeting folks.  If you have a spare spot on the back yard for a tent - or maybe an open couch - I'd appreciate options of places to stay for a night.

How long?  Four - perhaps six - weeks (Sept & Oct).  No hard set timeframe - weather is the main limiting factor.  I have extra layers and a heated jacket liner but when it gets too cold when those things I'll have to look at stoping (if I've not hit the planned items).

Why do it?  Why not.  The complete picture is this:  I've been self employed for over a decade doing general PC work for residential and small business.  A couple years back a larger client consolidated and asked if I'd consider working for them.  I was attracted to try the 9-5 world, still doing the PC work, so I closed the independent business and switched over.  Several months back, before their new fiscal year, they informed me that they wanted me to switch back from employee to contractor.

This was pivot kick.

Instead of restarting my business in the Rockford Illinois area I decided now was the time to make a change - Colorado had been knocking on my brain for many years.  So, the rush to complete the finishing of the basement in the house, put it up for sale, and take a big trip - perhaps the longest possible in my life - was foremost on my task list.

I've never been to Alaska - I'd like to see it.  Hmmm - Iron Butt has an "Ultimate" ride - Deadhorse AK to Key West FL.  Key West - Hmm - never been to Key West either.

OK - Rockford to Colorado (see family), to Yosemite (I like that park), up the coast of Oregon and Washington, see Olympia National, up and about in AK, haul up to Deadhorse and jaunt down to Key West, FL.  Well then I've never seen Acadia National in Maine - along with seeing several family and friends up the east coast.  Is that a decent picture?  At some point someone mentioned - "Well you'll hit each corner except the extreme southwest" (San Diego area) - OK - let's toss that in as well.

I plan to place, when able, updates to this website as well as have some commentary on the community site.