December 27, 2005 - Tuesday
Bar Harbor, ME

Yesterday was a sit in and kick back day. I slept late and then worked on the website. The bike sat outside - snow forecast for the evening.

The snow started last night and ended sometime before morning. Perhaps one inch accumulated - if that. I looked out onto the bike - it was partially snow covered. I also noticed a note stuck on the instrument cluster. My first thought was that someone left a "you're crazy" note - but it looked too defined. Putting on some shoes I jumped out to fetch it - parking ticket. Oh Joy.

I was told to NOT park by any yellow curb (though right out front was fine - no yellow curb) or to park in the side lot. I left it out front near another vehicle parked there. The ticket was an "overtime parking" offense. What's that? I checked the street signage - no comment of "2 Hour" limit or such. Hmmm... 90 Block of Cottage street was the office - I'll head there on my way back into town - later. First task was to move the bike (though I still don't see why this was an illegal spot).

While I was out there tending to the frozen items - choke control (freed), ignition lock (freed), seat lock, starter button - a gent, Terry, stopped talk about me being in snowy Maine at the end of December - on a bike. He commented on wanting to get a picture of the bike. I said - "tell ya what - park the truck, give me a hand moving (pushing) the bike to the side lot, and I'll get a picture for ya right now with my camera." The truck was parked in short order and the bike moved a moment or so after that.

Standing around the bike Nova, the hostel manager, came out and took a picture for us. She's ever helpful and also came out with some warm water for the last frozen lock. All items were now operational except for the starter button. I know I can jump the relay - so she came up with the needed tool - a paper clip.

One un-bent paper clip to jump the starter relay and the bike popped to life just as it should. As it sat there warming up I took a few moments  to piece together a puzzle that started a few nights back.

Back in Boston when Nate and I were out for dinner he commented on how long it took to get AT the thermostat on his bike - an easy to replace part - when you can get at it. With that hanging on my ear the light bulb started to glow. 1) lower fuel economy - higher in the warmer areas of southern Florida 2) a temp readout that sits in the cold area (I thought it was only due to the colder weather I've been in) [for those with an 80's Magna I normally have two to maybe three blocks showing on the gauge - I now normally have zero blocks but it will jump to two or three under certain driving conditions], 3) watching the snow steam off the radiator this morning a very short time after the bike started. I think the thermostat is stuck open.

Well, the bike's warm - time to head out of town and look for any 'missed' parking regulation signs. If I goofed and missed one I'll just stick the $10 in the envelope and drop it off. If not I'll start asking what's up?

Out on the main street I passed the fuel / food / convenience store next to the hostel. Two full booths of people next to the front windows stopped chewing and stared out the window. I waved as I drove by.

The roads were mainly dry which was good since it was gusty out. Flags were flying straight. I headed up to Ellsworth, ME and hit a hardware store - I lost the thumbscrew that locks the GPS into the cradle. The GPS snaps into the cradle but it could pop out without the thumbscrew.

Heading back towards Bar Harbor I started spotting signs along the road. "Welcome to Bar Harbor" "RV parking restrictions" Speed limits. Hidden driveway. No special parking restriction sign seen. Off to 93 Cottage to the parking bureau. The lady there was nice enough - no parking at night on the city streets. OK - fine - but I've not seen any notice. "You can go talk with the police - they're in charge of those tickets". OK. Over a few blocks to the police station an officer came out.

What's an "Overtime Parking" offense? No parking on the streets overnight. I gave my side (no signs) and he was sure there were signs. I said that I drove out and back into town looking for a sign - none found on the main route (the route I took the first time into town as well). Just a sec....  Back in a second he said that the chief would void this ticket - just don't do it again. Thanks - no problem. when you're visiting - watch the overnight parking.

Time for laundry and to prep for the next few legs - to hop up to Quoddy Head State Park and back down below the snow line.

Terry and I
Thanks to you and your buddy for the push!

Terry e-mailed some pictures to me - nice ones at that!

His Valk

One sweet sunrise

The Christmas Tree

All lit and sitting nicely in the corner

And something else in the front room - a product of a nameless guest.

Looking down the street - no odd street signs.

Hopefully this will be the only citation for the trip!

Thanks to the Bar Harbor Police dept for their understanding.
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