December 22, 2005 - Thursday
Virginia Beach, VA To Philadelphia, PA

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Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel
MPG, 16.7MB, 2 min, 17 sec

An east coast sunrise - I had to get up for at least ONE...

Today I met up with another relative - Robert. We have been e-mailing for a bit during this trip.
We spent some nice time at the science museum and battleship Wisconsin

The science museum had this globe - suspended by two thin wires. It seemed to have a light inside of it projecting the image outward.
 The image shown here was animated. Now to figure out how it worked... Projected from the inside?
Nope - two projectors on the outside - opposite each other - project onto the ouside surface of this globe.
The seam between them is almost imperceptable. It showed cloud cover, the "Earth lights and Night" and some sort of Sun / sun spots motion.

The "Earth lights at night" image

(click for a larger size)

Crossing the Chesapeak Bay. One of the tunnels.

Up on the bridge

The next tunnel is visible - where it goes under and where it comes back up

Click for a larger size


Pink and red clouds for the days sunset

More tall bridges

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