December 19, 2005 - Monday
West Palm Beach, FL To St. Augustine, FL

A late morning, re-organize some items - head North. Vero Beach - stop and see relatives - Bill and Dave then trek onto St. Augustine (just because a hostel existed there).

Getting into St. Augustine I was greeted by Christmas lights and a festive environment - this looks to be a nice place. Hostel found I need to set out for some food and then make decisions for the next several days.

Looking east over the Indian River (?).
The washed out white haze is back - I must be out to the coast and the camera lens needs to be cleaned...

One of several intersections. The first caught me off guard - pay attention to these items - the odd "separated" white line between the right two lanes, the water on the far right, the signal lights - in particular the very small green arrow on the rightmost signal.

The first intersection I came to the vehicle in front of me was to my left side. I started to slow down as the "lights" were red. I noticed the red lights and was trying to figure out the white line markings. As I slowed the vehicle kept moving - towards the red light - until it merged over in front of me - and kept going. Then I noticed that the rightmost lane was an always green thru lane. Hmmm....

It only works, in this case, for the rightmost lane for only the northbound traffic. Since there is no traffic from the right (water and no bridge) the rightmost lane is "separated" and allowed to always process through. Traffic from the left that turns to head north is "separated" by the while lines to stay in the left of the two lanes. Works for me.

Another one...

Smaller pickup, larger tires - overhanging ones too

Tree canyon

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