December 12, 2005 - Monday
Lafayette, LA To Sumatra, FL

A fair bit of Interstate work today - head east across the top of the Gulf of Mexico. I decided to not try to head through New Orleans. Sumatra FL - the destination was a park campground. I figure is would stay warm enough to camp so why not. There aren't too many places to tent camp but I found one - most of the campgrounds are for RV's. One RV campground I checked out allowed tents but at the full RV rate - $45.50. No thanks.

Bridges, Bridges - long Bridges

These things were being hauled here and there - probably due to the storm.

I passed by this load and had to slow up for a picture. At first glance I thought the long "wing"
was a wing for a wind powered generator and the white wrapped thing was the generator itself.
Second thought I think the long post is a ship mast and the wrapped thing is a keel.



Ragged trees

Hotel, signs, trees - blown apart

Mississippi and Alabama - never set a foot in them on this trip. I think this is Mobile AL

A busy hunter.

In these flatter states - specifically where trees exist - this is the view. No matter the Interstate or two-lane. A tree canyon with few "views out".

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