Nov 14, 2005 - Monday
San Diego, CA

Only two destinations today - one up north to pick up some tuner cleaner that I'll use to clean out the starter button. It is starting to act up a bit more since the Dalton Hwy mud ride. The second, heading way down low, was to visit the far southwest section of the "Lower 48" - Border Field.

Border Field is a park but when I arrived (at 4:45pm - trying to film a sunset) the gate was shut. The park was still open to foot traffic until 5pm though. The tough thing was that I would not be able to walk all of the way in and make it back out before 5p and darkness. I didn't care be behind the gate after 5 nor did I wish to leave the bike parked where it was. I walked in a bit but turned back about 1/4 mile later. Close enough. No pictures. Black line marks the spot.

Back on the bike, heading out, two border patrol vans passed going to where I was.

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