Nov 13, 2005 - Sunday
Westminster, CA To San Diego, CA

Another nice day! I headed down US-1 from Huntington Beach, CA - hugging the coast as much as possible. Destination - San Diego. For the most part US-1 in this area is multi-lane with stop lights - stop and go. Lane splitting / filtering to the front of the line at lights was common practice. It is nice being out in front at each light - not having to be jostling in the pack.

For several lights the yellow Ferrari (?), who would be a few cars back in the pack, would work its way to the front and zip by me (who was already out front). We'd hit the next light and I'd filter to the front again while it was stuck in the pack. Green (check cross traffic) and I'd be out front again - only to be passed again a bit later as it jockied past the few cars in front of it. Next light, repeat.

The tough nut today was to see if I could take two lane to San Diego. There is a stretch that shows I-5 as the main (only?) connection between San Clemente and Oceanside. Camp Pendelton is on one side and the ocean is on the other. Both map programs show some roads available - if I head into Camp Pendleton. If the Camp roads are open to the public this should be easy - if not the re-route around the Camp would be long (19 miles via Interstate, 35 miles via Camp roads, 84 miles via the long way around Camp Pendleton).

To the gate I went. Security came out and we talked - he offered to allow me to pass through if I had the base required yellow/orange vest to wear. I didn't and they didn't have a spare in the shack - no dice. I poked about the roads near the Interstate trying to see if anything would be possible - none found. Onto the Interstate I went.

The novelty of not taking any Interstate is soundly out the window (specifically after the next two days in the San Diego area - well quashed). From now on Interstates will be used as the tool they are - to rapidly get from point A to point B - though I'll still prefer local roads.

Down in San Diego I stopped by Pat & Jennifer's place. We, along with Jennifer's brother, talked for an hour or two - and could have for much longer it seemed. I needed to get over to Mike and Sue's for the evening stop. Once found I unloaded and we went for some pizza. 

Mike and Sue have a lifestyle perhaps most of the motorcycle tourists would like to have - the ability to make a living while traveling the world. I've told many that I could not have done this trip - the cold weather up in Canada and Alaska and the cold weather near the tail end of this trip - without the heated jacket. They make this jacket and the temperature controller that goes with it.  Here is their website address - - so you can find a bit more about the products.

Having "electric clothing" is a first for me. I've always been of the mindset that "I'll just add another layer - I'll be fine". Those that have used heated clothing have always said - once you try it you'll understand - you'll never go back. I am now soundly in the electric clothing camp.

The ability to wear light clothing - be warm - and cool when I want to be cool (since I'm not wearing multiple layers) with the turn of a knob is fantastic. Start the morning with the vents on the riding jacket closed, electrics turned up a bit - no morning chill. As the sun heats the day the thermostat gets turned down and later yet the riding jacket vents get opened up. No stopping to add / remove layers. As the day cools down the vents get zipped shut and later the thermostat gets turned up. The end of the day finds me content - not chilled.

I've been on rides - day rides perhaps - that the end of the day turns cold (sometimes rainy). Since it's "just a little farther to the warmth of home" ya slog through the cold weather - freezing all the way home. Once home you notice the slowed thought and movement - not a safe thing. Time with a warm bath/shower is used to get warmed up again.

This is where the "warm-n-safe" name hits home. Being warm - not chilled - is also safe. Good stuff.

US 1 - Huntington Beach CA

Heading into Laguna Beach

A popular place on a nice Sunday afternoon

Nice little yellow car

One's twice as big - the other is twice as fast

Open road and it zips by

Entrance to Camp Pendleton - boots thrown over the wire

Calafia Beach Park - San Clemente

Down in San Diego
Surf boards strapped, tossed, or tucked onto just about every type of vehicle.

And all sorts of nice old cars too

Along with a classy, right hand drive, "limo"

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