Oct 31, 2005 - Monday
Eureka, CA To Eureka, CA

Not much of a write-up as this is a "roads day." A complete riding day (well - afternoon at least) and making 0 miles headway.

State Routes 299 & 36. A partial day loop.

Eureka east on 299 to Redding. Redding south to SR 36. State Route 36 west to Eureka. I thought twice about calling Gil (Becky is out on a business trip) to see if I could have a room for another night - but it was a quick second thought. Sure - come on up!! Done deal. I'll check back in to The Midwestcoast B&B&B.

Dogs playing, roads - CA 299 & 36
MPG, 15.3 MB, 1 min 56 sec

Clockwise loop

Beck-zuki and Dr. Gil
More ST.n folks. I spent several days there - some time off as well as having fun playing computer fixer

The hounds - checking me out as I leave (the first time)

Downtown Eureka

CA 299 - east to Redding.

CA 36 West to Eureka - into the sun. Rabbit hill section.

Then into the sweepers section.

Mountain section coming up!

And here we go!

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