Oct 3, 2005 - Monday
Iskut, BC to Fraser Lake, BC

MPG, 10.4 MB, 1 min 19 sec

Today was a change - more towards population.  The morning started out with remote roadway - chipseal, gravel and new sweet asphalt.  Majetsic snow capped mountains on either side for miles and miles.  With the sun shining for most of the morning much of the scenery was lighted nicely - I took many pictures (unfortunately as I now edit them - the lighting washed out many of the pictures - unfortunate).

I also played hop scotch with several vehicles.  I'd pass them up a hill but then I'd stop, often turning around and going back, for a picture - and they'd pass me.  I stopped for pictures perhaps the most this morning out of any other day.  Later in the day the majestic mountains parted and the roadway flowed over small rolling hills in a wider valley.  Population was more present - towns were closer together and traffic increased.  Not too many pictures for the rest of the day. 

I'll also test the range of the fuel as well.  The main and aux tanks were filled at the Stewart intersection (where 37a splits off to Stewart BC / Hyder AK).  From there I went on that fuel load to Burns Lake BC where I filled just the aux tank and kept the fuel only in that tank.  I wanted to see just how far I could get on a full tank set.  I ended the day at Fraser Lake at right about 312 miles (bike odometer).  Starting out the next morning the fuel light blinked at 318 and came on solid at 320.  The motor started to sputter at 344 where I reached back and opened the aux tank.  Fuel drained in fast enough that I didn't even have to stop the bike (though I did pull to the shoulder and shut the motor off and coasted for a bit).  It took about a mile of slow running for enough fuel to drain in for the fuel system to fill enough to run the motor on all four cyl's.  At 348 enough fuel filled to turn the low fuel light off.  This tank set was run, aside from several small towns, at 4000 to 4500 rpm in 6th gear (110 to 120 kph = approx 70 mph) = 35 mpg.  Not great for a bike but not bad either.

"Across the street" from the hotel

A few minutes down the road

(click for a larger size)

Stopping for fuel I had to get a shot of this...

The far shore of this picture is the Kinaskan Lake park & campground.  There's a shot, as well as video, from there to here as well.

The park / campground is close to the road but aside from that - nice pad sights, nice scenery - I'd look to stay here

Heading into the park

Looking across to where the above picture was taken


The 'washed out' quality is a bit evident here (snow to sky area) - worse in other pictures - many didn't make the cut

Coming up on the hunters

I passed the hunters and noticed a good view in the mirror - stop and turn back.  Just when I was ready to take the pic they came into view.  I waited for them to pass to get out of the picture - but they stopped next to me - just to see if I was OK - nice of them.  One dirty pickup, two more dirty quads, and one hunting shelter / camper.

New, smooth asphalt.  Dry, clear day, nice scenery, good mix of curves.  Good ride.

Helicoper taking off - cargo in tow.

As I clicked this pictures the hunters passed me - for perhaps the third time

And I'm getting close to passing them by once again.

There was a nice ridge off to my right, again with good lighting (or so I thought), but the tall trees close to the road were blocking my view.  I was looking for a break in the trees to get an unobscured shot.  This logging road was available - the clearing should be good enough for a shot but I just didn't want to ride through the ruts and mud. No grand pic - just this muddy one!

Food & fuel stop - Intersection / turn off for Stewart BC / Hyder AK.  I started to see sleds (snow machines) today.  Oddly, a short bit south of this intersection there is a one lane bridge.  I'd think that traffic would be heavy (frequent) enough for it to be made dual lane.

Others have this pic in their ride report - had to shoot it on my pass through.  Fuel prices are getting lower as well - 120.9 was a common price (just under 4 liters per gallon).

Some sort of metal furnace (I saw one in operation but aside from that I don't know anything about them)

Seeing some irrigated land, farmed land, livestock

I'm also coming south and "catching up" to the fall colors

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