Sept 25, 2005 - Sunday
Willow, AK to Anchorage, AK

Not too many miles today.  I worked down to Anchorage looking for an Internet cafe.  Not seeing any just driving through the downtown area I hit the phonebook - two, specifically, listed.  One, Sourdoughs, was a newspaper and tobacco shop - I'll skip that one for now.  The other has been out of the business since 2001 - it looks like I found an old phone book - but I met yet another fine person - Pat (photo below).  Pat directed (drew a nice map - worked!  Thanks) me to another place where I spent a few hours uploading pictures and met several new folks. When the battery started to run low I headed back to the road - decision to stay in Anchorage for the night is made.  Before check-in I drove to the parks near the airport.  Aside from taking pictures of the scenery I spoke with more good people - one lady (Vicki? lived in Champaign/Urbana IL for a bit, and another gent lives/lived in Wisconsin).  I'm re-thinking the ferry trip decision.  It looks expensive in itself but I'm looking at what it would cost me to drive the route myself - food won't change but lodging and fuel would.

Dry roads and cloudy skies...  

A fire - nearing completion.

Pat at the bookstore (that used to be an Interent cafe years back).

A Novel View
415 "L" Street Anchorage AK

Thanks for the help!

Sitting out by the water, near the airport

Small planes were following a different pattern

Downtown Anchorage

747 arriving

Butch was nice enough to snap a pic for me - nice chatting!

Butch sent over few pictures...

This was a fun one - she was jumping and twirling - wanting Daddy to take a picture of her.
It took a few tries to get the digital camera timed to get the shot. Put a smile on my face.

Park near the end of Raspberry Lane.

Then there's this aviation complex (it's next to / near the main airport) - water and land based.

Floats, floats, more floats

Float planes take nearly the same pattern - at the last few hundred feet they turn right and drop down onto the water

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