Sept 17, 2005 - Saturday
Riding around Whitehorse, YT

This is a down day - nothing much going on.  Tomorrow is a trip down to Skagway (~ 2 hours away) to ride the train.  I explored the west side of the river a day or two ago so today I'll look at the east side of the river.  Off to the dam to see what it's like then over to the east side of the lake.  Later I headed north to Long Lake.  The road it is on is harsh gravel and rocks.

The wooden structure that looks like a ramp is a fish ladder.  Light shining through the water as it rushed showed how much water was flowing.  It showed up in the picture too.

Dam waters
MPG, 2.4 MB, 0 min 34 sec

Leaving the dam, heading up and over the hill to the east side of the lake.  The area is a park / day use area with picknic spots near the lake.

Not too long the road narrows...  Nice sun filtering through the trees.

Not a path to take when it's wet.

Boat launch to the lake

A better view of the city from the south

Long lake - Northeast of the city.
Smaller, no motorized boats

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