Monday, May 13, 2024
Wrap-up Hole-In-The-Rock (north trail), visit Kodachrome Basin S.P.

Start the day

Another line of cars - nobody around.

Water source for cattle.
The old setup had an unknown power source (probably a diesel engine) to run a mechanical ?pump-jack? that partially remains.

The new setup looks to be an in-well electric motor pump operated via the solar panels / batteries.

The old setup.

Navajo Mountain
Cell tower atop it provides reception

The Hole

End of the trail for me. A white pickup/camper to the left and two vehicles to the right. No person in sight for my time here.

The cactus were flowering

When I traveled the south portion of the trail last fall (pictures here), the end of that trail I think ends somewhere in the yellow box.

Pictures taken - now to see about stopping at the slot canyons on the way out. I'd like to visit them, depending upon how long the hike would be.

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Within coverage of the cell tower, tending a "new speakers, no sound" call. This was my office view for 20 minutes or so.

Road's dry - all good for today. This is one section where when quite wet - no thank you.

Another small, down-n-up canyon.

At the slot canyon trailhead. A couple said they did the loop in three hours (more time than I wish to consume). A comment was - the trail seemed a couple inches narrower than this narrow-width-gauge.

Back to asphalt, heading west on UT-12 for Kodachrome Basin S.P.

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Going for a hike on the Angel's Palace trail

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This reminds me, ever so slightly, of Angel's Landing at Zion N.P.

We travel a wide path to a narrow dip then out to a point. To the left of this point, the fall is not terrible - some scrapes. To the right, certainly severe. I didn't venture down the dip to the point - but we'll have some pictures...

Who's going for it?  Will it hold you?

Back to the trailhead
3:30p - 4:30p, one hour

Headed west for a motel in Panguitch.
Looking west towards Bryce Canyon N.P.

This horse caught my eye. It's on the road-side of the fence. It seems to be waiting for the gate to be opened to get back to the other side.

Mossy Cave trail near Bryce.

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