Sunday, May 12, 2024
Drive west from Moab to Hole-In-The-Rock north trail

Open space - south of I-70 heading towards Hanksville

The Henry Mountains

Westbound from Hanksville on UT-24 to Torrey UT

Passing through the Capitol Reef area

At Torrey UT we turn south on the Scenic Byway UT-12
(a recommended road between Torrey & US-89 west of Bryce)

We're going to hop up and over that snowy mountain ahead of us.

Down the other side of the mountain - out near Escalante

Fuel topped off at Escalante, now for a 55 mile one-way dead end to the Hole-In-The-Rock.

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I found this to be curious - The State of Utah has some beef with the federal government and they're letting it be known - if you don't like the road - take it up with the feds.

The first 44 miles are mostly like this - a wide, groomed, flat, two lane road - but with severe washboard for most of it. The remaining 8 miles is on Glen Canyon N.R.A. land and the road is a narrow two lane with more embedded rock. For lower clearance vehicles, care is needed.

For the whole trip - the ridge to the right (west) is everpresent with open lands to the left (east).

Open grazing is common

Another area with cars parked. No people or camps around, no trailhead visible. Odd.

Several times the road drops down a canyon and up the other side. These areas in particular can be quite muddy where I'd not want to be on this road with it saturated / wet.

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