Friday, May 10, 2024
Moab 2024 - Hell's Revenge, Dead Horse Point S.P., Long Canyon

South on US-191 towards Moab

Hell's Revenge trail - start on a fin.

Keep the tires on the two-track-black and all is well.

An obstacle called Lionsback (search the name for some videos). An iconic obstacke - now closed to the public. I didn't realize it was right at the entrance to Hell's Revenge. It's tall - much taller than the fin at the start of Hell's Revenge. Once on top, a multi-point u-turn is needed - then back down.

To the right is the easy way up. Let's go for straight up today. Nope - not with open differentials. Compressor on with the air system filled - lock the differentials - up it goes.

Ben & Dillon


A nice day!

An optional obstacle called Hell's Gate. Ben wishes to drive it. There's a line.

The last in the line - a buggy with a big motor. Three, short, loud BRAAP's and it was up.

Ben started out and flopped onto the driver's side. With the external tube protection no body damage involved. The mirror on the driver's side was the only broken item. Some scrapes on the back end tube protection.

How to get upright. In the end, start the motor (lots-o-smoke), put it in reverse, turn towards passenger side, back up. It righted itself.


View from the Colorado River overlook

Nice clouds with the mountains today.

A three-row jeep.

Some steep drop.

Follow the yellow-brick road.

Another optional obstacle - the Escalator.

Up at Dead Horse Point S.P.
The Potash evaporation ponds in the distance.

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Heading to Long Canyon

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The novelty for the road


Ben & Dillon

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A poor photo of the northern lights - they were a general green glow in the northeast sky

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