Friday, October 20, 2023
Trail - Hole In The Rock & drive home

Today will be a long day for me. Yellow line on the map. We'll wrap up the trail and with ample fuel I'll jump a few miles north to the end of the road at Halls Crossing - so close - why not give it a visit. From there I'll backtrack to Blanding for fuel and head to Montecello. At Montecello a decision came - stay there overnight or drive straight home. The decision was to keep rolling - for a late night / early morning arrival at home.

click for a larger size

View from the campsite

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turnabout - view of the campsite

A mini-arch

Back to the improved road - we're almost done.

At the half-track for some pictures. The trail trip is all but complete.

A good group for an enjoyable trip

The group has split - each heading home. I have enough fuel to jump north to the Halls Crossing marina area. There is a gas station but it's closed - as much of the marina and ferry is closed - due to the low water levels on the lake.

Smooth asphalt - well enjoyed.

I'm heading back to Monticello

There's an old road / path cut on the hillside.

Getting close to Blanding UT - the closest fuel stop.

North towards Moab

UT-128 along the Colorado River, north of Moab. 
Enjoyable, golden-hour scenery!

About complete with UT-128 we'll head east in the darkness to Denver then north to Fort Collins.

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