Sunday, October 15, 2023
Drive Fort Collins CO to Montecello UT

A long day of driving. Leave Fort Collins about 8am for Montecello UT.

The classic "first view" of the mountains

Up at the tunnels / the Continental Divide

A look west just out from the tunnel

Copper Mountain

Glenwood Canyon

Fall colors out west / Rifle area

Straight lines in nature signal man-made. A road cut up a mountain catches my eye. Reviewing maps, this is not an open-to-the-public roadway (darn). It looks to end at a mine.

Out at Grand Junction spectators were everywhere. I wondered why until I heard a loud jet and saw smoke trails - a military airshow.

First view of the La Sal Mountains. A typical landmark when in the Moab UT area. Very little snow atop them just yet.

Taking UT-128 to Moab - the scenic route following the Colorado River

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