Saturday, June 13, 2020
Medano Pass, Great Sand Dunes, Zapata Falls

Jump in from the east. Find an open, nice, campsite and set camp. Back on the trail and drive down to the sand dunes. The trail is one-lane and traffic was heavy - finding spots to let traffic pass as well as dealing with vehicles that were stuck in the sand. About 1.5 hours for 5 miles of trail.

I-25 just north of Denver with a view of the downtown buildings

Down at Florence CO - the high security prison buildings.

Driving by - turning where I please, when I please, reinforces that I want to be "out here" and not "in there".

Road and scenery that's new to me!  Looks nice here.

The prior few photos were climbing and now we're "up top"

WIDE open valley spreads out for a wide view.

The group met at Westcliffe CO and now we're heading south a bit on asphalt. We'll "turn right" and head over the mountains to our right.

Silver West / Butler Field

Info sign at the start of the trail
(click for a full size)

I left Fort Collins at 7am. It's now about 12:30pm - the first touch of gravel / dirt.

Some money down this little used road.

No telling where Medano Pass is.

This is more to my liking!

Looking southeast - back at the valley we were in (far left area)

We have set camp and are moving closer to the dunes.

One of the interesting parts of this trail is the number of water crossings.

First view of the dunes.

One of the couple longer jams. A front wheel car thought they would be fine in the 4x4 section of sandy road

Rain moving through the area

The northern parking area for the dunes.

Bang - cross the creek and one LARGE hill to try climbing. One step up, 1/2 step slides back.

Rain moving east

Parking area behind the trees.

Some folks (and dogs) decided to spend some energy.

see the spec - center of pic

a bit closer - hands and feet - working up

Click for a larger version
Rain making the ridgeline difficult to see

Click for a MUCH larger version
The main Great Sand Dunes area - asphalt road to the area

See the people high on the dunes?
See next pic

Looking back at the main parking area (just beyond the trees)

Folks sliding down the sand

Keeping an eye on family for one of the others in the group
red cap / white jacket was supposed to stay in sight

Heading back to camp

Away from the dunes - moving up the valley along the Medano Creek

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