Saturday, October 12, 2019
Moab 2019

This'll be a long day of bumpy road. While it was nice to experience Hurray Pass at the north end, Lockhart Basin for the major trek to the south, and a fun side jump at Lockhart Canyon to the Colorado River, this trail set is quite low on my list for a return visit.

Photos will be the best avenue for return enjoyment.

Colorado River - still on smooth asphalt just south of Moab

Hurrah Pass
Looking over the Colorado River, over the Potash evaporation ponds, towards Dead Horse Point State Park (just center right in the photo).

Closer - center left is the south end of the park with the view points.

Find the jeep...

Find the jeep...

Today will have several views similar to this.

End of Hurrah Pass at the intersection for Checken Corners and Lockhart Basin. We'll take the left for Lockhart Basin.

We're at the most difficult obstacle for the day. Many will drive over it, one will have some bumping and banging, one will take a strap pull so as to not dent nice bodywork.

Some reasonable rocks to process over.

Sitting on the frame on the right side??

A short pull - done.

Click for a larger size

The views are nice

Click for a larger size

Find the jeeps...
James leading

Derek & Cherry with Trent & family

Udi & Madi

An easy obstacle


Derek & Cherry

Trent & Family

Udi & Madi

We'll soon be off of the high clearance portion of the trail as down in the valley we'll find low clearance cars parked here and there. They're coming up from the south to visit the area. There's an airplane crash site that has some debris remaining that folks visit.

We've decided to drive to the river down Lockhart Canyon. This was a hoot - much fun. Ah, to have a sand rail buggy.

Crossing a wash.

Down at the river - as far as we could drive. We poked about to see if a trail would get to the water - not found.

We drove back to where the wash and trail crossed, parked, and walked down the wash to the river.

Some curious footprints - bear.

Heading back

Hanging back to let the dust settle for some clearer photos. The canyon run was about six miles long.

Some of it was in the wash, some was on a trail of its own.

No clue what the vehicle is.

Back to the intersection - continuing south.

Click for a larger size

Click for a larger size

ahhh - smooth road.

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