July 4th Weekend
Mesa Verde, Durango Jeep & Train with Mark & Diann

Today we'll tour bus ride from Durango to Silverton. There we'll board a 4x4 tour truck for a ride up Minnie Gulch to the snow landslide blockage on the road, then down Minnie Gulch and up to the Eureka townsite for a stop to enjoy the mountain scenery. Back at Silverton we'll find lunch before boarding the steam train back to Durango.

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US-550 wayside south of Silverton

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In the jeep heading east from Silverton.
Look close for the ore buckets hanging on the cable tramway. The guide said the tramway was gravity operated. Heavy ore laden buckets heading down moved the empties up.

With the high snowfall / precipitation from last winter we have good water flows.

A landslide area

July 5 - snow is still blocking the trail.

End of the trail due to snow. Note the downed trees slightly down the trail. Those trees were downed from avalanche snow from my right. An avalanche came down the slope to my right, flowed across the (then frozen) stream, headed up the valley side to our left, and then came back down again a tad farther down the valley - pulling out trees as it went.

Wherever we see "straight lines" is a mark of man - thinking they could "strike it rich"

Stellar views

One large landslide. This is a temporary cut as the main road was damaged.

Strong "pine scent" with the busted trees.

Two mill sites. The left was a wooden foundation mill. The right, built later, was a concrete foundation mill.

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Tour rig.

Clear mountain water.

A short bit of asphalt on the way back to Silverton. We'll eat lunch and then board the southbound Durango & Silverton train to Durango.

Downtown Silverton Colorado

On the train.

The Tacoma Hydro Generating Station. Powered by water up out of the valley, directed downhill via piping to the generators.

Flowering cacti

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