2011-12-04 (Sunday)
Some trails in the snow - Bunce School, Ironclads, Rock Creek

Meet up with a FR4x4 group for some snow trails. In the end, we traveled where we could and stopped when the going became overly difficult. It was nice to get out. I always enjoy snow flocked pine trees - and there were many out today!

The group snaking up the Saint Vrain Canyon road. This road, and its scenery, is a favorite of mine.

On the Peak to Peak Highway on an outcropping overlooking "Peaceful Valley" is this building. Not sure what it is - house? church?

Jumping up to Bunce School Road from highway 72.

On the Ironclads trail at the first open parking area. The group is working up the first hill and obstacle.

Vehicles, spaced out in case the "ahead" vehicle needs to back up to get a quicker run at the upslope.

The snow and subsurface on Bunce & Ironclads, in the flat areas, made for an easy ride.

On Ironclads, now turned around as the upper portion of the trail is too snow covered for us to try working up farther. Waiting for a few ahead vehicles to slowly navigate a downslope.

Traveling north on the Peak to Peak highway to the Rock Creek trail. It looks like there is some snow approaching!

Rock Creek trail.  We're on a road called "Ski Road". Up into the hills, at the end, is a long defunct ski hill.

Sections of this road proved slow going.